About Us


About Clemmy High School

Clemmy High School, a co-educational institution took off on 16th September 2002.

Our school is located in a serene environment in Agodo, Egbe, an outskirt of Lagos City in Nigeria, and has adequate physical teaching/learning facilities including well-stocked computer rooms, art rooms, libraries, and the latest audio and visual technology materials used in classrooms.

Our Vision

To be a world-class educational institution providing qualitative, comprehensive, and standard education.

Our Mission

A foremost educational institution, inculcating values that will adequately equip students to excel by developing the total person of every student-physically, morally, academically, socially, and psychologically; encouraging global affiliation through the appropriate use of Information technology and promoting national and global participation.

Our Anthem

We are the children of Clemmy High School,
Where sound education is being taught,
For knowledge is power,
We shall strive to preserve Purity,
Discipline and Loyalty,
For the glory of our Lord Jesus;
Press forward (3X)
Till the end of the day,
Let thy success have no bound,
So that we might press forward (2ce)

School Song

I love Clemmy,
I love my school (2ce)
It’s a school with vision,
It’s a school of excellence,
With the management of Clemmy,
We are blessed by God.
With a good Proprietress,
We are blessed,
With a good Principal,
We are blessed,
And with good teachers,
We are equally blessed,
We’ve got talent,
We are blessed by God.