Message from the Director(QA)

In Year 12, I remember scoring 82% in Maths and my dad, God rest his gentle soul, looked at me through his glasses with smiles radiating with loveDirector-QA and said to me ” Jumiro, the sky is NOT your limit but your starting point! Well done! You have tried but I know you can do better, I believe in you. With God, ANYTHING is possible!  This marked the beginning of uber-excellence in all areas of my life. I never believed in failure, when I fall, I learn from mistakes and push through to the next accomplishment. I could compete with anyone (male or female) across the world and still come out tops.

My parent’s approach to excellence can be likened to Clemmy School’s! In Clemmy School, we never settle for less! Excellence is at the forefront of everything we do – academically, spiritually, morally, and psychologically! We treat each child uniquely with love, understanding, and support and work tirelessly to bring out the very best in him/her!

‘It’s an excellent school!’. What do people mean when they say that? Here in Clemmy School, ‘Excellence’ is a term we use to describe the farthest end of the quality spectrum. When we think of excellence, we think of an aspect which is outstanding, a model of its kind – the very best there is! Excellence for us is seen as a journey rather than as something fixed and pre-determined. We do not just focus on excellence but raise standard in education, to give every child a firm foundation for his/her future.

A key driver for excellence is effective leadership. Our teachers, support staff, and management are top-notch in their fields. They are all professionals with knowledge and experience that are unrivaled. Our overall approach to excellence is underpinned by nine principles:

  1. We put God first in everything we do.
  2. We ensure coherence across all aspects of education, and importantly, ensure consistency of quality across learners’ experiences.
  3. We treat each child as a unique individual and with love, understanding, and support, make him/her outstanding academically, spiritually, and morally.
  4. We set and meet improvement goals, after which we plan, monitor, and evaluate these improvements.
  5. We quality assure the improvements made and ensure that the reputation of the school is one of ‘high quality’.
  6. We avoid failure through prompt and effective interventions.
  7. We are not faint-hearted! We recognize the distinctive and invaluable contributions of key players’ voices ( students, parents, teachers, and support staff). We listen to and value everyone!
  8. Our focus is on standard, not structure.
  9. We have zero-tolerance for indiscipline.

It is not far-fetched to say that parents can go about their business every day knowing full well that they have enrolled their child(ren) in not just a school but into a family. Excellence can be achieved only on the basis of partnership. We all need to be involved. We promise to do our bit. We ask parents to do theirs. In that way, together we shall succeed!

Thank you and God bless.


Adejumoke Falana,

Director (Quality Assurance), Clemmy Schools.